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The search is over – we have created the perfect energy supplement.


Incredible Taste

No Artificial Colors

No Sugar

No Proprietary Blends



PWR Rush is:

  • effective and based on scientific results and peer reviewed research
  • formulated based on verified medical research
  • safe, jitter-free, focus enhancing blend
  • 100% transparent
  • made in the U.S.A.




The search is over – we have created the perfect energy supplement.


Incredible Taste

No Artificial Colors

No Sugar

No Proprietary Blends



PWR Rush is:

  • effective and based on scientific results and peer reviewed research
  • formulated based on verified medical research
  • safe, jitter-free, focus enhancing blend
  • 100% transparent
  • made in the U.S.A.


We promise to provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product.

Our goal isn’t to make a quick buck.

Our goal is to equip you with the best supplement possible to conquer everything so that you can perform at your peak… no matter what you may be doing.



•PWR Rush a is potent blend of ingredients that promote both energy and focus. It perfectly balances nootropics and energizing vitamins and stimulants without overstimulation.
•PWR Rush is considerate a LOW to MODERATE caffeine dose. At 150mg’s, it contains roughly the same caffeine content as a small coffee and half the content of most popular energy drinks.
•PWR Rush contains NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS! Both flavors of Lemon-limeade and Peach Iced Tea both will have a bold pink coloring due to the b12 content. This is not only normal, but the way we want the product to be.
•You can expect hours of energy and focus without the crash of high stimulant products.



150mg per scoop

What does it do?

  • Increases aerobic exercise capability
  • Can promote fat burning
  • Provides strength benefits and increases power output


200mg per scoop

What does it do?

  • Works synergistically with Caffeine to provide clear energy & focus without the jitters
  • Improves concentration and attention in combination with Caffeine
  • Reduces perception of stress


500mg per scoop

What does it do?

  • Helps supply the brain with energy which can improve cognitive ability, memory, and mood
  • Used by the body to turn fat into energy
  • Can significantly reduce mild depression

Citrulline Malate (2:1)

3g per scoop

What does it do?

  • Reduces fatigue and increases endurance in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Stimulates Nitric Oxide (NO) metabolism
  • Can support blood pressure reduction in people suffering from hypertension
  • Decreases muscle soreness


3g per scoop

What does it do?

  • Increases muscular endurance
  • Improves moderate to high intensity cardio exercises (e.g. sprinting or rowing)
  • May help with fat loss
  • Reduces perception of fatigue


300mcg B12 per scoop

What does it do?

  • Can provide energy enhancement
  • Prevents certain types of anemia that can result from B12 deficiency, prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs

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Lemon-Limeade, Peach Iced Tea

13 reviews for Rush Energy

  1. Michael Smallwood

    Highly recommend. I’ve tried probably every energy supplement on the market and this is the only one that sets itself apart. Focus, rush, pump, all off the charts. No crash, no letdown. Plus it tastes great. No flaws.

  2. Brittany

    Honestly my favorite preworkout ever! Not only is it the most REFRESHING and delicious taste, but I have had SUCH an improvement in my motivation and also my workouts overall! I’ve tried a variety of different preworkouts on the market, and this one in particular allows me to get through my whole workout (EVEN cardio) without leaving me gasping for breath- most other ones keep my heart racing to the point that it disrupts my workout! TRUST me when I say you will love this preworkout!

  3. Jose

    Definitely the best preworkout I have tried. First of all it tastes like lemonade and does not leave behind the grittiness other preworkouts leave behind. Mixes well and quick and you can feel it kicking in quick, within about 25 minutes or so. Gets me through my workouts and boxing sessions without a crash afterwards, and does not make you feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest.

  4. Jenna Alleman

    I always hated to take preworkout because every time that I did, it made me sick! After trying PWR Rush I was amazed ! No nausea and just felt great! I now power through my workouts! And it helps that the flavor is awesome ! 5 Stars!

  5. Landon Smith

    Out of every pre-workout that I’ve tried throughout the years, PWR is the one that assists me the most in my exercise needs. My focus, strength, and my endurance have all increased significantly since my utilization of PWR Pre-Workout. A must have for those that want to progress their progress.

  6. Kevin Trinh

    I’ve Taken over a dozen pre-workouts. This is definitely on top of my list. Overall a really great product. I feel a significant difference in focus and endurance while using this product, and there’s no jitters or crashes after taking it. Great flavor profile as well. Highly recommend.

  7. Ted

    I usually don’t do pre workouts, since they usually leave me feeling queasy afterwards, but PWR Rush left me feeling great! It doesn’t give me the really bad burning sensation I usually get with pre-workouts. Every workout I’ve done with this stuff leaves me feeling satisfied. This is a great product. Only complaint is the weird itch it gives my mustache when I drink it lol.

  8. Frank

    Clean energy and motivation without feeling like your heart is going to explode. Doesn’t make me jittery at all. Mix it with creatine for all the heavy days.

  9. Lauren McMunn (verified owner)

    This is the best preworkout I’ve had. The taste is great and the “rush” is amazing. It helps keep me going passed what I could usually handle before in my workouts. Everyone I have recommended this preworkout to has also been amazed at its results. This product is legit and works. Definitely try it out.

  10. Jason Huberman (verified owner)

    By far and away the best pre-workout I have ever used. The biggest difference between this and others is the mental focus is provides you. Many times when you lift, you end up stopping from a mental fog or fatigue, but when you take this, your mind clears and it allows you to push yourself harder and longer. My workouts instantly got better once I started taking this. Provides a great amount of energy without the jitters, and both flavors are fantastic!

  11. Randy M (verified owner)

    Best tasting preworkout on the market hands down. Highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven’t already. You will not regret it!

  12. NoFate247

    Peach iced tea is a 10/10 on the flavor. Perfectly delicious without coming in overly sweet. Energy is clean, even, and no crash. I use it on lower stim days and higher intensity workouts. I’ll also use it as a much better tasting substitute for coffee.

  13. Naweed Hashimi (verified owner)

    My buddy took this and he literally grew wings and became a dragon. Rather than terrorize a nearby town though, he instead hit the gym and got the sickest pump of his life. I think his **** also grew 2 inches so now he’s working with a solid 3. Amazing product, insane focus and consistent energy with no crash. Love it.

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