Join one of the most exciting, high energy, and honest supplement companies in the industry!

Our Program

Our partnership programs are structured differently than most others in the industry. We don’t just give out coupon codes to anyone who asks in our DMs and we don’t try to trick you into an hour long introductory call to sell you more of our products before you join.

We have, and always will, be a company based on transparency and we believe the layout of our program will attract the people and energy we are looking for to get all of us to the next level.

We use a tiered system to promote partners through the ranks. Each tier has its own benefits and levels of commitment. Some may enjoy the laid-back perks of being an ambassador while other are willing to put in the work for full blown sponsorship. The choice is entirely up to you. 

Our four tiers are:

  • Ambassador
  • Affiliate
  • Sponsorship
  • Model


Just as the word suggests, you are who spreads the good word! An Ambassador is the entry to our program. All partners will start here after completing the application. Your responsibility as an ambassador is simple; Love it like we do!

We will supply you with a friends and family coupon code that you will have access to using as well. In most cases, you do not need to maintain a sales quota at this level. All you need to do to keep your Ambassadorship active is tag us in posts/stories so we know you are helping to get the word out!* Aside from your discount code, you’ll also get access to new releases before they hit the market and early invites to upcoming events (COVID permitting :\ )


Affiliation has it’s perks! Affiliate is the first partnership promotion. To get to this level just takes time and consistency. If you demonstrate that you are in this for the long haul with us, we will gladly invest back in you! Perks of being an affiliate include free swag and product, a larger personal discount code, and first access to new product releases and events!**


This is reserved for the best of the best. Our Sponsored team members are influential in what they do and help move the brand forward. We want to build a diverse team to showcase different ways that anyone can benefit from ALL THAT PWR! Sponsors can be compensated in the form of anything from free product and swag to comp’d meet/tournament fees and even monthly payouts. Our Sponsors bring their A-Game all day, everyday.***


We take some pictures and send you on your way. Models do not need to be affiliated with our company or processes if they choose not to be. Message us with your portfolio and rates and we’ll have our people get in touch with your people. 

Meet The Founders

Bill Rementer
Bill Rementer
Fitness Trainer
Lawrence Achey
Lawrence Achey
Fitness Trainer and Coach
Peter D’Amico
Peter D’Amico
William Smallwood
William Smallwood
Co-Founder and CEO


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