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Welcome to PWR Supplements. We are four friends from New Jersey who share a strong passion for living life to the fullest but hate the games that big supplement companies play so we created the best energy drink of 2019, PWR RUSH.

We don’t believe in luring customers in with fancy ingredients and fillers that have no scientific backing.

We hate the proprietary blends and cheap tricks companies use to deceive people.

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Best tasting energy drink hands down. Highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven't already. You will not regret it!

Randy MCustomer

By far the best energy drink that I've ever used. The biggest difference between this and others is the mental focus it provides you. Many times when you lift, you end up stopping from mental fog or fatigue, but when you take this your mind clears and allows you to push yourself harder and longer. My workouts instantly got better. Great energy, no jitters, and delicious flavors.

Jason HubermanCustomer

Peach Iced Tea is 10/10 on the flavor. Perfectly delicious without coming in overly sweet. Energy is clean, even, and without any crash. I use it on lower stim days and even for higher intensity workouts. I'll also use it as a much better tasting coffee alternative.


I've never been affected by taking melatonin or anything of the sort, but i was given PWR Rush and PWR Down and I've gotta say, I've never felt more focused or slept better from these products! Highly recommend!


I've taken over a dozen pre-workouts and tons of energy drinks. This is definitely on the top of my list. Overall really great product. I feel a significant difference in focus and endurance while using this product and there are no jitters or crashes after taking it! Great flavor profile as well. Highly recommend.

Kevin TrinhCustomer

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