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Welcome to PWR Supplements. We are four friends from New Jersey who share a strong passion for fitness but hate the games that big supplement companies play so we created the best nootropic pre workout of 2019, PWR RUSH.

We don’t believe in luring customers in with fancy ingredients and fillers that have no scientific backing.

We hate the proprietary blends and cheap tricks companies use to deceive people.

Instead, we provide customers with safe and effective ingredients that have been scientifically and medically proven by rigorous research.

PWR Rush is a pre workout supplement that is an effective natural energy booster and the perfect pre sports drink.

Rush is made up of powerful amino acids and vitamins for energy and focus.

One of the most powerful amino acids in this blend is L-Theanine, an effective nootropic.

L-Theanine helps reduce the effects of jitteriness, anxiety and headaches caused by stimulants such as caffeine.

Theanine provides a calm but hyper focused state to allow you to crush your goals.

Try PWR Rush today and get the energy needed to crush your goals in the gym and everywhere else in life.

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Theanine & Caffeine

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Theanine is crucial for fighting the negative side-effects of Caffeine and other leading brands aren’t even utilizing it.